The Faculty of Chemistry and Biology

The Faculty of Chemistry and Biology was created according to the order of the rector of the MGPI No. 173 dated July 16, 1975, “On the division of the biological faculty into the natural geography and chemical and biological sciences”.  The prerequisite for its creation was the opening of the specialty “chemistry-biology” in 1974.

The formation of the faculty was due to the effective work of many scientists – florist and geobotanik candidate of biological Sciences, associate professor D.I.  Sakalo, Ph.D. physiologist, Ph.D. in biological sciences, associate professor L.S.  Lukyanova, zoologist the candidate of biological sciences, associate professor.  B.A.  Yankovsky, a cytologist the doctor of biological sciences, professor U.P.  Antipchuk, candidate of chemical sciences, associate professor G. I. Lysenko, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor N. M.  Vorontsova, candidate of technical sciences, professor T.I.  Khoroshilova and many others.

During the years of its existence, the faculty trained about ten thousand highly qualified teachers, most of them successfully working in secondary schools, schools of a new type (gymnasium, lyceum, college), higher educational establishments and scientific institutions in Ukraine and abroad.  Now more than 300 students study at the faculty.

Today, the faculty trains specialists at the educational levels “Bachelor” and “Master” in the specialties 014.05 Secondary education (Biology), 014.06 Average education (Chemistry), 091 Biology, 101 Ecology, 102 Chemistry, 205 Forestry, 206 Gardening.  In addition, the faculty prepares Doctors of Philosophy (Ph.D.) for the specialties 014 Secondary Education (by subject specialization), 091 Biology, 101 Ecology.

The educational process is provided by the masters of pedagogical work – doctors of sciences, professors A.M.  Solonenko, I.A.  Malceva, I.P.  Anosov, O.S.  Maksimov, O.O.  Danchenko, O.I.  Koshelev, T.I.  Stanishevskaya, V.O.  Demchenko, O.B.  Kuchmenko and 24 teachers – candidates of sciences, associate professors.

The faculty has created a modern material and technical base, which allows harmoniously combining the educational process with the research work of students: there are computer classes, lecture rooms, equipped with modern audio and video equipment, multimedia projectors and other modern equipment.  The departments have created video collections, which allow to intensify the educational process, successfully operate zoological, anatomical and botanical museums; 4 research laboratories.  In 1986-2002, on the basis of the departments of the faculty, the subdivisions of the Scientific and Research Institute “Biodiversity of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems of Ukraine” were formed, and from 2013 on the initiative of the teachers of the Department of Ecology and Zoology together with the researchers of the research institute with the purpose of attracting students to scientific research work was created scientific and educational center “Biodiversity”.

In order to consolidate the theoretical material while mastering a number of disciplines, acquiring the appropriate competencies and preparing and fulfilling coursework and diploma work, educational and professional programs provide for educational and production practices.

The bases for these practices is the agrobiological complex of MSPU, educational field office “Forest-city” Department of botany and gardening, educational field base, Bogatyr and Stepanovka, Kanevsky national nature reserve, national Botanical garden named after Gregory (Kiev) and many others.

Students of the faculty take an active part in the scientific work of the University, in the All-Ukrainian Olympiads on basic disciplines, competitions of student’s scientific works, which hold prize-winning places in biology, chemistry, and ecology.

In recent years international cooperation with Poland, Bulgaria, Finland, Austria has been actively developing.

But the main value of the faculty is its student team, which is famous not only for its achievements in educational and scientific work, but also in amateur activities and sport.  Traditionally at the faculty are exhibitions of handmade flower compositions made by the students, photo contests, holiday “Debut of freshmen”, theme nights, and more.  At the faculty there is a team of CMR (Club of Merry and Resourceful) «Son Mendeleev», women’s aerobics team, a team of tourism, a team of Brain Ring.  Students of the faculty constantly participate in university competitions “Mr. University”, “Miss University” and sports competitions.